Mark Bewlay Head of I.T 10x Psychology

Mark Bewlay

Head of I.T.

BSc (Hons)

Having graduated from Sheffield Hallam University (BSc Software Engineering), Mark has worked within the software development space for over 10 years. A large proportion of his career was devoted to developing large scale, highly available, client facing software solutions as a Senior Software Engineer at Saville Assessment.

Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work under, and alongside, some exceptional software engineers, Mark is a strong advocate of high quality software design. Although primarily focusing on the Microsoft Stack, his experience covers a range of technologies and development languages and believes in the importance of creativity and collaboration in developing software solutions. As well as dedicating time to the design and development of the 10x Platforms, he is also committed to ensuring any solutions have security as a fundamental principle.

Mark has as strong belief in continuous improvement and development, as such he uses his spare time reading and learning about emerging technologies and how they can be implemented in a modern development environment.