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Our solutions go beyond traditional psychometrics to encompass areas such as performance, motivation, wellbeing and employee experience. They provide you with powerful insights into your workforce, allowing you to better drive performance, support development, and create a more holistic view of your team.

Scientifically rigorous

Our solutions are based on our robust suite of assessments: 10x Personality, 10x Motivation, and 10x Ability. These assessments are built upon extensive research into what drives successful performance in the workplace – from behaviors, skills and competencies, through to extrinsic workplace motivators.

10x Personality®

Our new personality questionnaire is based on original research, a comprehensive literature review, and many years of professional experience. 10x Personality is designed to be work relevant, internationally applicable and suitable for a range of job roles and industries, giving powerful insight into key personality factors and behaviors. 10x Personality forms the basis of many of our solutions including those relating to hiring, organizational and personal development, coaching, employee experience and wellbeing.

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10x Motivation®

Our new motivation questionnaire is invaluable for hiring, onboarding, learning and personal development. It aids organizations and individuals identifying the factors that drive, motivation and satisfaction at work. 10x Motivation helps you to engage employees, and by extension create conditions that are conducive to performance flourishing.

10x Ability®

Research repeatedly demonstrates that tests of mental ability are highly significant in predicting job performance and learning, especially when combined with personality measures. The 10x Ability suite offers a range of fair, objective, and scientifically rigorous tests assessing a broad spectrum of aptitudes.


This test measures the ability to examine, understand and use written information to draw conclusions. Questions require the test-taker to draw logical conclusions, replace words, and summarise information.


This test measures the ability to understand numerical information and to apply numerical concepts and procedures to problems. The test requires analysis of numerical figures (such as graphs, charts and tables) and use of this analysis to inform calculations. Skills assessed include data interpretation, percentage calculations and aptitude with ratios and fractions.


This test measures the ability to identify patterns, logical rules and trends in data for problem solving. Test-takers are asked to apply pattern assessment and logic to sequences to identify missing shapes.


This test measures the capacity to comprehend, visualise and manipulate three-dimensional images and shapes. The test-taker is asked to examine a series of objects rotated in space and identify the one which is in some way different to the others.

Processing Speed

Here, test-takers examine two random but similar strings of characters and identify discrepancies between them. Ability is assessed by the speed and accuracy with which candidates can complete the assessment.

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