10x Talent®

Effortlessly locate top talent

Cater your recruitment process to hiring the best with 10x Talent. From real-time ranked candidate lists, to tailored interview guides and prompts, 10x Talent is built for speed, accuracy and objectivity.

Upgrade your candidate experience

Enable candidates to showcase their skills, motivations and personality through our accessible, industry-leading psychometrics and find the best match, for every client.

10x Hire®

All hiring information in one place

When hiring, you need rigorous tools for assessing personality, motivation and ability. This is the solution – everything you need in one interactive dashboard.

Helping you select the best fit for the role

10x Hire allows you to effortlessly evaluate your candidates against key competencies critical for your role, using robust comparison groups. This provides you with powerful, real time predictive insights into their likely job performance and fit for role.

10x Optimize®

Driving performance improvement in existing teams

10x Optimize helps you to discover the behaviors that truly drive performance in your existing teams, including their strengths, motivators and areas requiring further development.

What good looks like – for you

Through assessing your employees, we can shed light on what good performance looks like within your existing teams and compare this against industry benchmarks. These insights will help you make informed decisions about development to ultimately drive positive behavioral change.

10x Predict®

Predicting candidates’ performance to improve your teams

10x Predict uses insights from your existing workforce to develop predictive measurements to enhance selection, on-boarding and early development of talent.

Insights that are specific to you

We assess your workforce to gain insights into what – in your teams specifically – constitutes good performance. We use these insights to predict the performance of prospective candidates, thereby de-risking hiring and development decisions.

Make decisions that drive present, and future performance across your organization

Security, scalability and flexibility

Our solutions use a micro-services architecture, deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud computing environment. This gives the security, scalability and flexibility we need to continuously innovate and enhance our solutions.

We can ingest data from HR and ATS systems and are adding API integration capabilities. We are ISO 27001 accredited, meaning we are providing our clients with a completely GDPR compliant service.

Modern, user-centred design

In all our assessments, questions are clear, concise and use contemporary language and scenarios. Our web interfaces are clean and simple and offer in-built tool tips and real-time support.

Users can complete assessments and questionnaires on a device of their choice. And of course, each solution is thoroughly compliant with the latest regulations on privacy and data security. Accessibility has been well considered, with a number of options for your users.

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