Tailored Talent for Every Client

  • Assess candidates on specific competencies for each of your client’s roles and organizations in one place.
  • Using our industry-leading psychometrics, filter and compare candidates across their Motivations, Personality, and Competencies.
  • Instantly generate interview guides and prompts that are specifically tailored to the key skills your client needs.
10x Talent Candidate Overview Profile

360 View for Fast Impactful Decisions

  • The interactive dashboard channels assessment scores in real-time into one dynamic display.
  • Our interview-friendly dashboard can meld assessment and interview data together to present all the information you need to make the best possible hiring decision.
  • 3-click-model – The intuitive design behind the dashboard enables you to get exactly where you need to be, within three clicks.
10x Talent Candidate Order

A Seamless Hiring Experience

  • Our easy-to-share dashboards and reports fuel collaboration by allowing you and your clients to filter information and even add extra skill criteria to suit changing requirements.
  • We offer complete psychometric training around 10x Talent to equip you with the knowledge you need to get the most from our Solution.
  • Digital Psychologist-led support enables you to fully benefit from 10x Talent; regardless of time-zone.
10x Talent Motivation Profile

Work fast, and fair with real-time ranked lists of your top performers

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