Reduce Risk

  • Predict performance before you hire to make impactful decisions that power potential.
  • Use our predictive insights to enhance onboarding and early development to maximize talent and minimize turnover.
  • Deploy the interactive visual dashboard to filter and compare entire cohorts, and individuals across their Motivations, Personality, and Competencies at the click of a button.

Enhance Development

  • Specific, representative insights drive forward your organization’s development in the direct context of your industry.
  • Utilize our industry-leading psychometrics to understand the Motivations, Personality, and Competencies of your people to drive comprehensive and insightful talent development.
  • Uncover hidden potential across teams and empower your people to work to their strengths.

Advance with AI

  • 10x Predict combines advanced analytics and machine learning to develop empirically derived profiles of what good performance looks like for your organization.
  • Objectively, and reliably supports unbiased, talent-driven hiring and development.
  • Receive full remote psychometric training, as well as psychologist-led support throughout.

Don’t estimate – Predict and Develop potential to create your own high performers

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