Leah Burton 10x Psychology

Leah Burton

Consultant Psychologist


Leah is an experienced Business Psychologist having worked in HR for 4 and a half years as well as in a variety of other industries, including recruitment in Sydney, Australia and several clinical and mental health environments in the UK.

Leah has always had a passion for understanding people and has purposefully directed her career towards helping companies and individuals through their work cycles. Whilst in each role, Leah always initiated several new projects within the realm of Occupational Health at work. These projects looked to improve existing processes, address the needs of staff and to improve communications throughout the organisation.

By joining 10x, Leah will continue this work through consulting but with a greater emphasis on using technology and being future focused. Leah has an MSc in Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck, University of London and is a Psychometric Test User.

One of Leah’s proudest accomplishments is when she was a Ball Girl for the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in 2003 and was Venus Williams' flower girl for the ladies final. She is also a keen list maker and has recently completed a tailored “bucket list” before her last birthday.