10x Solutions: The Key to Remote Recruitment

Our Solutions intuitively meet remote recruitment with industry-leading psychometrics that empower organizations to maintain a swift yet effective hiring process.


Maintaining an accurate and efficient hiring process in an increasingly remote working world can be a challenge. Successfully navigating through a vast influx of remote recruitment software packages means discerning between those that offer scientifically rigorous insights, and those that do not.  

Psychometric assessments are typically based on research and should ensure both a strong scientific basis as well as accurate measurements of individual characteristics. At 10x, our industry-leading psychometric assessments are used as part of our unique, research driven AI-enabled Solutions, and ultimately provide a simple, accessible and reliable answer to remote recruitment.  

This article will outline a few distinctive qualities of our psychometric assessments that allow us to consistently empower organizations throughout COVID-19.

Psychometrics – Forecasting Work Performance

Psychometric assessments used for organizational decision making are developed to measure specific characteristics that best forecast work performance.

At 10x, we built upon decades of experience and expertise to develop a scientifically rigorous suite of psychometric assessments tailored specifically to the workplace. These are: 10x Personality, 10x Motivation, and 10x Ability – all of which drive the predictive insights as part of our Solutions.

Scientific Credibility

Our suite of assessments are the product of extensive research into workplace psychology and use a combination of design elements that have been proven to result in the highest utility.

One of these elements is the scoring method which combines a normative and ipsative approach.

This involves candidates initially rating statements indicating how much each is ‘like them’, before ranking their highest and lowest ratings in order of best fit. Integrating this scoring method within our Solutions ensures superior job-performance prediction whilst minimizing the time burden for candidates and reducing the effects of impression management (where a candidate might describe themselves more favorably in a job application).

Our assessments provide the objective measures of the aptitudes and characteristics of the individual, and in turn provide insights on workplace competencies: that’s what individuals do, how they act, or how they would behave to meet workplace objectives.

The 10x Competency model is a set of observable, job-related behaviors that can be readily customized according to your individual business requirements, providing relevant outputs to ensure your organization continues to thrive.

Other insightful outputs include those generated by our unique machine learning algorithms which identify individuals that best fit a position using the data from the psychometric assessments. This information ensures a timely and appropriate decision can be made, promoting workplace efficacy.

Remote by Nature

From the very start our Solutions have been developed with digital compatibility in mind and have been engineered to function optimally online.

Whilst alternative suppliers have transitioned paper tests to digital alternatives, we have specifically developed and established our interface around functioning remotely, thus enabling our users to experience a seamless and engaging process; no matter where they are.

Our cloud-based, real-time interactive dashboard portrays a range of easy to digest insights that enable efficient yet informed talent decisions, providing hiring managers with the flexibility required to maintain the best hiring practices throughout the pandemic.

Commitment to data privacy is part of the service – our fully GDPR compliant micro-services architecture is deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud and ensures that any data entrusted to us is kept safe. This means that you can maintain a consistent, secure and reliable hiring process regardless of the changes brought on by COVID-19.

Personalized Support

Navigating new software can take some getting used to, but our digital-first Solutions have been designed with ease of use in mind. By employing an intuitive design throughout the platform, including integrated help icons and on-hand technical support, our Solutions enable you to maximize the potential of your workforce consistently and efficiently.

At 10x, we also offer psychometric e-learning programs for those involved in the hiring process to equip them with the knowledge they need to fully comprehend the impact and applications of the results that can be obtained from our psychometric assessments, and enable them to become credible psychometric practitioners.

To ensure that users fully benefit from our navigable software, we also offer enablement sessions and demos so that users feel readily equipped to delve into the powerful insights our Solutions offer.


10x Solutions are perfectly tailored to remote recruitment.

10x Talent has been built specifically for the recruitment industry, and enables recruitment consultants to benefit from streamlined interview practices, as well as a scientifically valid method for identifying top talent. Consultants can tailor 10x Talent to meet specific client requirements at the click of a button, and benefit from comprehensive ranked lists, and visual displays to promote collaboration.

10x Hire equips you with everything you need to effortlessly administer our online psychometric assessments to gather specific insights on candidate performance, before evaluating job fit against key competencies for your role. Our interactive dashboard seamlessly organises and displays every insight, allowing you to make effective decisions for best fit.

10x Predict takes this a step further by enabling your organisation to holistically impact recruitment. We offer a tailored assessment of your entire workforce from where we can determine exactly what success looks like, for your organization. This information then feeds into predictive measurements that empower you to enhance not only recruitment but onboarding, and early identification and development of top talent.

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